I probably don’t have to explaining this phrase to anyone. I’m pretty sure you have heard of it already. Having a balance between work life and the one outside of work.

Work-life balance has been a very cool and trendy phrase of late. Especially when it comes to working & the amount of it and how this amount is increasingly taking time away from our personal lives. Unfortunately, more and more all the time. With the ever-increasing work expectations, an effort to earn money or just to look good in front of your boss, work is taking huge amounts of time away from us, which we would otherwise spend with friends, family or doing sports.
This is only one side of the problem.

The second one is, that people know it. They are aware of this problem. Some even know they have it and how to fix it. But despite that they do absolutely nothing to change their situation.

Know your limits. And do not overstep them!

Just like everything has its limitations, work does also.

Every person needs to know their own limits. They should be aware of what they are capable of and what is beyond their physical and mental limits. They should also try never to overstep these limits and if, then only specific and RARE situations.

Try these 4 ways, which I use and they truly work.

  1. Say NO! Just do it
    May sound a bit drastic but really learn how to be a bit of a egoist. Every good boss or a manager will not only understand it but also appreciate it. Realize that you are not a machine! You are a normal person, with exactly the same amount of hours in a day as everyone else. So don’t bite off more than you can chew. If it means you will not be able to do a good enough job or deliver by the deadline, don’t do it.
  2. Make time available to spend with family and friends. No, it isn’t enough to just say to yourself that you’ll make the time. Guess what, you won’t. Something will come up and there it goes, out the window. Just like you put all of your work meetings into a calendar, do the same with family/ partner/ husband and friends time! It may sound strange, but if it helps, why not, right? It will become a routine after a while, natural part of your day and life you will not even have to think about.
  3. Set a specific time until you are at work
    The times we currently live in, when an 8 hour work day is considered more of a good joke than something perfectly normal are truly strange. People are working crazily long hours and everything is suddenly possible from night till day (understand: instantly). Even if it means burning out. Trust me, it does not and NEVER WILL look good. The only thing you will achieve this way is not more recognition and money but losing your health, lethargy, and depression. Do this instead. When you finish work at 5 or 6 PM, leave your work computer at work. If you have email notifications set up on your cell phone, do not react. Don’t read your work emails after a set time in the evening. Nothing is always as urgent as it may seem and cannot wait till morning. If there is a real urgency, your boss will call you and not send you an email. No, you will not look lazy or unprofessional either. Your colleagues and boss will learn to respect this rule of yours after a while. I do it daily and it really works.
  4. Moving daily is not just another cool and overused phrase. The human body has been designed to move, not sit. If sitting was considered a sport, today’s generation would be world champions. We are sitting in the car or public transport on the way to work, then we are sitting at work, then again in a car or public transport back home from work and at home we fall into the couch exhausted, only to spend another few hours in front of the TV or a computer. No wonder we have major health issues, such as back pain. You don’t necessarily have to spend hours at the gym each day. A simple walk or a bike ride to work or back is often what it takes to incorporate some physical activity into your every day. And it happens to be sometimes better than a cup of coffee. It helps to wake your body and brain up, get the blood flow going, get oxygen into your brain and boost your mood. So it sure isn’t just a phrase, but a necessity. All it takes is a bit of creativity.

Work-life balance is not a luxury. It is the absolute basis of being able to function and perform at peak level LONG TERM. Besides this also live a happy and healthy fulfilled life. Just how life should be.

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